General Questions

Which terrains are appropriate for my golf cart usage?

It's important to steer clear of using your golf cart on sandy beaches or rough, uneven dirt terrain. These environments are not suitable for the design of the cart and could lead to potential damage or operational issues.

Can the golf cart withstand water exposure?

It is crucial not to immerse the golf cart in water or expose its electronic components to moisture. This precaution is necessary to maintain its proper functioning and to avoid any potential damage.

Is it possible to customize my Electric Golf Cart?

At Electric Golf Carts Cincy, you have the flexibility to tailor your cart to your liking. From speakers and LED lighting kits to enclosures, golf bag holders, cup holders, and various other accessories, we provide a range of customization options. Please call us 513.473.1783 to place your order.

Is it possible to buy spare parts for my golf cart, and where can I locate them?

Certainly! For a comprehensive selection of accessories and parts, feel free to contact us at 513.473.1783

What are the best practices for storing my cart if it's not in use for a prolonged period?

For Electric Golf Carts that are going to be idle for a considerable time, it's advisable to keep them in a location that is cool, dry, and well-ventilated. This aligns with standard electrical product storage guidelines and helps in safeguarding the cart against exposure to elements like sunlight, rain, and dust.

What steps should I take if my golf cart fails to charge completely?

Typically, the cart fully charges in under 4 hours. If left inactive without activating the hibernation button, the battery will deplete at an approximate rate of 4% daily, and about 1.5% when the button is engaged. For security reasons, our batteries are programmed to automatically stop charging and start discharging once they hit 100%. Overcharging a lithium battery can be hazardous; if additional current is fed back while driving, the cart may power down. Our system is engineered to avert this situation in a safe manner.

Is it permissible to operate my golf cart on highways?

Driving on highways is prohibited, but you can register your cart as a Low-Speed Vehicle. This registration allows you to use it on streets where the speed limit does not exceed 35 MPH.

What's the top speed attainable by my golf cart?

In its standard form as a golf cart, it can achieve speeds up to 19 miles per hour. If modified to be a low-speed vehicle, it's capable of reaching speeds as high as 25 miles per hour, though this requires certain adjustments beforehand.

Battery Questions

What are the recommended safety measures for handling the Gang Feng Battery?

Before and after charging, inspect the battery terminals to ensure they are free from corrosion and securely connected.

It's important to use only the designated onboard charger specifically made for the cart. Refrain from using alternative charging devices.

Make sure the cart is completely powered off and not consuming any electricity during the charging process.
Do not charge the batteries in environments where the temperature exceeds 130 degrees.

Warranty Questions

If I move to another city, is my warranty still effective?

Even if you move to another city, your warranty, especially our 5-year battery warranty, is still effective. No matter your location, any official Gorilla Rides service center is equipped to assist you with your warranty needs.

What is the duration of the warranty for my Gorilla Rides EV G Series?

5-year warranty covers: Ganfeng Lithium Ion Battery, BMS System, the frame, structural welds, front A arms, brake caliper structure, and front spindles. Note that using non-OEM wheels invalidates the warranty on suspension parts.

3-year warranty includes: Controller, body panel deformations (excluding cracks, paint, and contact damage), seat belts, battery cables that are well-maintained, wheel hubs, and the rack and pinion system.

2-year warranty encompasses: Motor, e-Brake, on-board charger, pedal assembly, brake master cylinder and lines, both front and rear disc brakes, seat armrests, seat hinges, rear seat kit, steering column, shocks, leaf spring, steering gearbox, bumpers (excluding contact damage), transaxle, switches and housings, headlight and tail light assembly (excluding bulbs), DC converter, main wiring harness, and turn signal assembly. Note: Seat cushions are not covered; warranty void if electronics are damaged by water or corrosion.

1-year warranty covers: Windshield, fender flares, forward and reverse switch, voltage regulator, roof, mirrors, power steering, tie-rods, dash, and seat cushions. Note: Damage from water or foreign objects is not covered.

6-month warranty applies to: Paint or body finishes, seat coverings, floor mats, audio system, trim, electrical connections, solenoid, sensors, and accessories added by Gorilla (excluding sun damage).
No warranty is provided for: Regular wear and tear items such as fading due to outdoor exposure, brake pads, tires if affected by improper alignment or excessive weight, decals, fuses, bushings, or normal deterioration under regular driving conditions.

What are the terms of the warranty?

The warranty is valid only for original parts from the company and within the specified warranty timeframe.
The warranty is void in these situations:

Damage resulting from misuse or incorrect storage contrary to the provided guidelines.
Damage to parts due to disassembly or maintenance performed by the user.
Parts damage, theft, or loss attributed to natural disasters or accidents.

The warranty does not cover quick-wear items like bulbs, fuses, brake pads, glass items, connectors, and similar parts or damage resulting from misuse or incorrect storage contrary to the provide